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All participants are expected to either bring a poster or give a talk at the conference. Please indicate your preference (poster or talk), enter a preliminary title and give a short description (around 300 words) of the work you would like to present. The description will be used to decide whether your project fits the conference. If there are too many applicants for giving a talk, the description will also be used to assign talks or posters.
NOTE: Final year Bachelor students can participate at INASCON 2015 without bringing a talk or poster. In that case please choose "no Poster/Talk". You also do not have to upload an abstract.
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*Short abstract (max 300 words)
Check here if you are a vegetarian
Other special needs (gluten or lactose intolerant, ...):
Participants are accommodated in triple or double bedrooms. However, few single rooms are also available. Please leave a note here whether you would prefer staying in a single room and why. We will try to arrange that.
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