Pictures INASCON 2013   

Monday, August 19th

Opening Talk




Prof Steve Bramwell



Ice Breaker Event


Group Picture


Student Talks

Vasil Saroka Etienne Berner

Shuqun Chen Marco Zeiger

Nicolas Peter Nessrin Kattan


Prof Tony Cass



Dr Chris Hooley



Workshop DNAquiri







Tuesday, August 20th

Dr. Fabio Pulizzi



Dr. Chris Hooley



Student Talks



Dr. Steve Hudziak



Student Talks




Bradley Pietras



Postersession and Dinner







Wednesday, August 21th

Prof Richard Jackman

Prof Philip Treleaven

INASCON 2013 @ Imperial College London

Student talks

Prof Alex Seifalian

Student Talks



Thursday, August 22th

Closing Talk: Prof Milo Shaffer

Poster and Presentation Award

Evaluation and Summary

Group Picture


Sponsors 2013
Nature Nanotechnology
Lockheed Martin Ltd
London Centre for Nanotechnology
UCL Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
Swiss Nanoscience Institute (SNI)
UCL Graduate School
Imperial College London
NanoDTC Cambridge
UCL Division of Medicine