Speakers for INASCON 2012

We are in the process of inviting speakers for INASCON 2012. As more speakers are confirmed their names will be presented on this page.

Confirmed speakers

Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Ozin
Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto

Prof. Ozin is considered to be the father of Nanochemistry. His career’s work includes pioneering studies of new classes of nanomaterials, mesoporous materials, photonic crystals and most recently nanomachines. In 2011 he won the Albert Einstein World Science Award in nanochemistry.


Prof. Dr. Friedrich Simmel
Physics Department and ZNN/WSI, Technical University Munich

The research activities of Prof. Simmel focus on bionanotechnology as well as the physics of synthetic biological systems. His main research is about artificial molecular machines and nanostructures build from DNA-molecules and the design of artificial biochemical control circuits.


Prof. Dr. Bert Hecht
Experimental Physics, University of Würzburg

Since October 2006 Bert Hecht is professor at the Physics Institute, Experimental Physics 5, of the University of Würzburg. His research is focused on the enhancement of light-matter interaction in using plasmonic nanoantennas and nanoresonators and its applications.


Sponsors 2012
Saarland University
DV Nano
Leibniz Institute for New Materials
Bosch GmbH