Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a list of frequently asked questions, and corresponding answers, as well as important information regarding INASCON 2011. If you do not find your answer in the list below, feel free to contact the organizing committee at

Conference Fee
The conference fee is €75. The conference fee will cover your entire stay at the conference including accommodation and meals. The deadline for paying the conference fee is on the 15th of June.

It is possible to reach the conference by both car, bus(to Aarhus), train(to Aarhus) and airplane(to Aarhus Airport, Participants should arrange and pay their own transportation. We will arrange one pickup in Aarhus for people traveling by bus or train and one pickup at Aarhus Airport.
There will be a bus leaving from Aarhus on Thursday the 18th at 9:30. There will also be a bus from Fuglsøcenteret to Aarhus on the 21st at 13:00. The bus will be in Aarhus around 14:00. If you have any questions or problems regarding your transportation, please contact us at

Student talks
When sending your registration for the conference you can apply for giving a student talk. You should attach a short abstract to your registration. In case of too many applicants for giving a talk, the decision will be made based on the quality of the abstracts. If you are not selected for giving a talk, it will be expected that you bring a poster instead. You will be asked to send in a longer abstract for the conference booklet at a later time.
Your talk should be 15 minutes and there will be 5 minutes afterwards for questions and discussion.

Poster session
All participants who are not giving a talk are expected to bring a poster for the poster session. You will be asked to send in a poster abstract for the conference booklet.

Abstracts for both posters and talks should be created using the provided template. Abstracts should be submitted no later than the 15th of June by logging in to your registration here. Download the abstract template.
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