In order to have a successful INASCON we are highly dependent on financial support. INASCON is a conference arranged completely by and for students and it is a great opportunity for your company to get in touch with your future employees. We will gather some of the brightest nano students from all of Europe for 4 days, where you will have a chance to tell them about you and your company.

As sponsor there several ways that we could be promoting you. We have put together a set sponsor packages that you can choose from.

  • Gold sponsor. Price: 50,000 DKK (7,000 €)
  • Silver sponsor. Price: 25,000 DKK (3,500 €)
  • Main scientific talk sponsor. Price: 15,000 DKK (2,000 €)
  • Standard scientific talk sponsor. Price: 10,000 (1,500 €)
  • Non-scientific talk. Price: 10,000 (1,500 €)
  • Prize sponsor (talk and poster prizes). Price: 10,000 (1,500 €)
  • Poster session sponsor. Price: 5,000 (750 €)
  • Coffee breaks sponsor. Price: 5.000 (750 €)
All our sponsors will of course be mentioned in our conference book and on the official webpage and are welcome to present a poster at the poster session or have advertising material together with the general conference material distributed to all participants. Furthermore, the gold sponsor logos will be displayed in the top of the sponsor list on the website and on a separate page in the conference book. Moreover, the Gold, silver and main scientific talk sponsor have the possibility to be on the conference posters (placed on the different European universities).

If this has any interest for you please contact us at inascon@inascon.eu

Sponsors 2011
iNANO Århus Universitet